Entry Level Referee Course

Entry Level Referee Course

Posted 01/11/2019 - 14:01 by admin


Want to become a Referee?

The entry level referee course (USSF Grade 8) is typically held in the evenings or weekends, the student must take online videos and attend in person classes. The course fee is $60.00, which includes an annual $45.00 USSF registration fee and Maryland State Administration fee. Materials are supplied by the instructor at each course. Students are required to attend the complete course in order to become a referee.

Register at: http://marylandreferees.com/msr2/?page_id=21
In order to register for a course, click on the registration button/link directly beneath the desired course. You will receive a follow up email confirming your submission and telling you if anything additional is required. Space is limited and when a course is full, registration ends. Registration for courses is cut off 72 hours prior to the first day. Registrations after that may incur an additional late fee. “Walk ins” are normally not accepted.
NOTE: If you register and pay and decide you can’t make the course send an email to the Lead Instructor or the SDI and they will remove you. Your payment will still be good for another clinic. If you decide you want a refund, the State will refund all monies except for the $5.00 State Administration Fee. This is to recover the cost for the system and mandatory background check.
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